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thank you for supporting the mission of the neighborhood church

One of the unique aspects of our church is that we're launching intentionally with a vision for making sure our tithe dollars are stewarded in a way that brings joy to God. All of our pastors are volunteering and have other jobs in the marketplace where they are supported financially. We've intentionally chosen to keep Sundays simple from a production standpoint. Our worship facility is a low-cost, one-day-a-week lease. Our hope is that the vast majority of funds would be used to serve the community and the world in ways that represent Jesus well.

Our launch team entered into this project looking for a way to "be" church that didn't require lots of financial resources to maintain. We want to be about pouring ourselves out in love to those around us, not building another empire. So, as you give, know that we take very seriously the call to utilize these resources in ways that meet real human need in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for your generosity and for the privilege of sharing in the work together!

ways you can donate:


Download the Church Center App and register with The Neighborhood Church of the Nazarene. You can give easily and securely there!



On Sundays we'll have an offering plate where you can give cash or checks.


You can give right here by clicking this link. Online giving is safe, secure, and a great way to support the local church!

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